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European Head office JTEKT Europe Bearings BV

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 European Head office JTEKT Europe Bearings BV

Address: Markerkant 13-01
Postal code: 1314 AL
City: Almere
Country: The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)36 538 3333



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If you are interested in our Koyo electronic products, please contact: https://www.koyoele.co.jp/en/contact/ (+81-42-341-3111)


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Bearing 3D

What are Koyo EXSEV bearings?

The Ceramic and EXSEV Bearings are designed for applications operating in extreme special environments where conventional bearings are not suitable for.

These bearings have an optimal operation in extreme environments like clean, vacuum, high temperature, corrosive and contaminating conditions.

They are already being used in an extensive range of applications and state of the art technologies.

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